Product Show (Electrolux/Frigidaire)
Product Show (Electrolux/Frigidaire)

Electrolux is a worldwide leader in the major appliance category, boasting brands like Frigidaire, Molteni, and Westinghouse. Scratch developed and executed a fully encapsulated trade show for the Electrolux Corporation. The objectives of the show are to showcase all Electrolux brands and create an environment of integration and sales cross-pollination. This annual product show is the key buying show for all Electrolux and Frigidaire retailers and sets the tone for the sales force for the entire year, so its success is critical for the organization. 
  • Theme development
  • Trade show design & physical layout
    • 46 timeline-themed full kitchens for Electrolux and Frigidaire
    • 6 fully-functional laundry rooms
    • Show-stopping laundry waterfall
    • A 16-foot fog wall projection to showcase the freezer area
    • A 55-seat induction cooking stage for celebrity chef
    • A themed café showcasing the Electrolux Cube Restaurant (including a 6-foot ice replica of the Cube)
    • VIP lounge

  • Impactful digital signage and video
  • High impact displays for other brands in the Electrolux portfolio (Beam, Sanitaire & Eureka)
  • Recognition Dinners
    • Leon’s Franchise Pub Night
    • Frigidaire Appliance Store Thank You Dinner
    • Electrolux Employee Appreciation Cocktail Party


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